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Notchey Creek Farm is located in Madisonville, Tennessee (East Tennessee). It is home to our Zebra Stallion "Zeus", our Homozygous Tobiano Walking Horse Stallion "Go Boy", and numerous Homozygous Tobiano Mares. All of our off-spring produced is Tobiano, and include, Black and White, Red and White, Cremello, Buckskin, and Palomino.

We have 2 Homozygous Tobiano Mares, 1 Tobiano Cremello Filly, and 1 Tobiano Gelding for sale. They can be seen on their individual "For Sale" pages.

We are in the process of breeding back our Broodmares, some to another Zebra Stallion and the others to our Tobiano Stallion. The Zebra crossed with our Mares will produce unusual striped/spotted and gaited off-spring called Zorses. Check out our links page under "info" to see what a zorse looks like.

Sale of a Horse: Horses for sale at Notchey Creek Farm may be secured by sending in a $200 non-refundable deposit. The balance must be paid by the time they are picked up or delivered.

Horse Transportation: Transportation of all horses sold is the responsibility of the buyer. Occasionally ( if close enough) we will deliver for a fee. We do recommend using a two-way radio communication system to aid in the transport of your new horse(s). This includes handheld radios to help coordinate loading and unloading, but more importantly a GMRS MURS mobile radio system to stay in contact while in transport. We have radio kits provided by Better Safe Radio that you can borrow if you don't have your own – They have the best radios for ranching and farming (and also for prepping).

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